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jazz groups, jazz bands, guitar lessons, classical guitar

Boston jazz bands
classical guitar, guitar lessons - 617.312.3554

Boston jazz bands, jazz groups, guitar lessons in Boston, New England wedding music, classical guitar, Boston, New England

Boston jazz bands, jazz groups, guitar lessons in Boston, New England wedding music, classical guitar, Boston, New England

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Brant Grieshaber is a Boston based guitar player, jazz band leader, and internationally renowned guitar teacher. Here, you will find information about his jazz groups, classical guitar performance, rock bands, the guitar lessons that he teaches out of his Boston studio, and much more!
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Brant is proud to endorse Godin Guitars and JazzKat Amplifiers.
Brant Grieshaber & Company
Impressions Of Brouwer, Vol. 2: Electrified Etudes (2011)
Brant Grieshaber
Impressions Of Brouwer Vol. 1: Estudios Sencillos & Nuevos Estudios Sencillos (2011)
Hopeful Monsters
Inexhaustible West (2009)
Daniel Bennett Group
Live At The Theatre (2009)
Ra Quintet
Ra Quintet (2009)
Daniel Bennett Group
Legend Of Bear Thompson (2008)
Ra Quintet - In The Beginning (2008)
JK & The Servomatics - When Comes Ice Cream? (2008)
Brant Grieshaber Trio - Rising Energy (2007)
Brant Grieshaber - Brant Grieshaber (2006)
Hopeful Monsters - Hopeful Monsters (2006)
Brant Grieshaber - Look Around (2003)

Performance - Jazz bands and classical guitar for wedding reception, cocktail hour, and private function music. We perform all over Boston, Massachusetts and New England. Rock groups around Boston and session work.

Instruction - Learn to play rock, jazz, classical, blues, or folk guitar. Brant gives guitar lessons at his studio in Boston.

Purchase - CDs of Brant's jazz bands, classical guitar, and rock recordings. You can also buy his book, "The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide: The Path To True Mastery Of The Fingerboard".

Info - Brant's musical education and performance experience around New England. A map to his Boston studio for guitar lessons. How to book one of his jazz bands or hire him to play classical guitar.

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